Over the past decade, social media became the most useful platform for marketing of any business. Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for consumer brands. However for B2B, social media is a tough nut to crack.

B2B companies should stop using Facebook and Instagram because it requires lots of effort and offers very few results. Let’s say you are having a crucial content on Facebook for the proper promotion of your business but when you post it, a lot of B2B companies miss the mark. So you must use tools like email and newsletters to notify them for your facebook posts and to drive traffic, but this all takes a significant time investment that most B2B companies simply can’t afford.

LinkedIn for businessDo you think people are usually visiting business pages on Facebook or Instagram? Most of your targeted audiences are not using Facebook or Instagram for business. Statics have shown that Facebook includes 81% adult users and Instagram includes around 65% adult users. However, these people usually don’t use it to visit business pages. This means they are not engaging with your content, so it is less likely that your number of likes will increase. Without a large number of likes, your content will be buried in Facebook news feeds.

LinkedIn is developed for business-minded people. It has become an essential resource for B2B companies that are looking to build their online presence. LinkedIn can support business in several ways but you need to determine what you want from your LinkedIn Business efforts. You need to set up a goal to drive maximum results.

Over 610 million professionals gather on LinkedIn, the most effective place for B2B marketers to engage with decision makers, influencers and leaders. Linked have given statistics which proves that 97% of marketers use LinkedIn for their content marketing efforts, 78% of B2B marketers rate LinkedIn the most effective social media platform at helping their organization achieve specific objectives and 45% of all social media traffic comes from LinkedIn to website.

Here is how LinkedIn can help to grow your business:

Grow your online presence with targeted content:

Most of LinkedIn users are professionals so when you produce and post the content which your connection wants to see, they are more likely to engage with it and not only that but also share your ideas with others. That shared content can be seen by the people outside of your immediate network. The more valuable your content, the more times it will be shared by even strangers.
Thus, you can reach to more people which can result in new connections and opportunities.

Showcase value through storytelling:

Number of ads are being posted everyday. Amongst them, the average person processes more than 100,000 words, which is critically high amount of content and it means that what you have to say is just a speck of dust in the cosmos that is their daily buffet of content. You need to do something more catchy so that they can remember you.

You can get more attention and leads by expanding your marketing strategy which includes images, videos, info-graphics and data to tell a story that really captures the audience’s attention. This will help you stand out from the competition when customers are searching for the service or product similar to yours.

Gain a competitive advantage:

Now a days approximately 90% of B2B companies are using LinkedIn for their marketing. When you want to start using LinkedIn for your marketing, you can closely monitor your rivals’ strategies, such as which type of content is having more engagement with audience and which content not. From that you can get an idea to produce and share more engaging content to your targeted audience.

Increase your organic visibility:

Your company pages and LinkedIn posts are both indexed by search engines like Google. Optimizing your company profile and regular posting can give you an enormous boost in organic search visibility, unique visitor traffic along with relevant referral traffic.

Build visibility and engagement with groups:

LinkedIn groups are having few benefits for marketers such as, you can launch your own company group and you can also join other existing groups to form new connections to improve visibility of your company.

By participating in groups on LinkedIn, you can give answers, spark up debates and discussions and also use content marketing to position yourself as a tough leader. That impacts on your brand with the connections you make. This is a smart way to market yourself by participating in groups without directly promoting your services or products.

Generate more leads:

As you develop your presence on LinkedIn, you can produce more user-generated content to promote your brand. You can also post testimonials of your customers in order to make your brand and team members stand out within the community. It will help you to close deals faster and generate more leads as most of the people are looking for testimonials before making a purchasing decision to trust the company.

We all know that more than 70% of the buying process occurs online, without any direct human-to-human interaction and it’s percentages will increase with time. So companies need to show how their services and products are better than others and this can be done very easily with the online presence.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the most valuable social networking site for B2B companies where they can showcase their brand, gain trust from business-minded audience, generate more leads and close deals faster. In short, every B2B company must have LinkedIn to grow their business.


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